Need fish? Or a frog?

Played around with my GoPro today and had quit some fun that I want to share here. I was really surprised that the come so close and as soon as I have time, I will make a small movie, but for now, some images:

Listening to Podcasts with Pocket Casts

Since about a year I really love listening to podcasts. I used Podkicker Pro for almost a year now and it is a really great app for that. Some time ago I switched to Pocket Casts, which is, in my opinion, a little bit better. Some things I really love about Pocket Casts are: Automatic [...]

SymfonyLive 2013 in Berlin

Finally after a great conference I am sitting in the train back home. I thought it might be a nice idea using the time to make a small review on the conference and on some of the talks. First of all, the conference was very good organized. I liked the idea putting the session plan [...]

Remember the Milk meets Alfred

I started using Remember the Milk a long time ago. It is the best app for managing task and it helps me a lot to do my daily work. Also I love Alfred. It is the Mac thing and can be compared to Launchy. Helps a lot in your daily work and it is easy [...]

PHPStorm – Uploading external changes

During the TYPO3Flow Usergroup Rhein-Main yesterday someone showed me a nice feature in PHPStorm that I missed until now. Now that I know that this feature exists, I want to share it. Until a short time ago I did all my git-stuff directly on the server, in my case on my vagrant box. I had [...]