Smart Lock with Android 5.0 Lollipop

When I got my Nexus 5 over a year ago I was looking forward to play a little bit with NFC Tags. I played around a little bit with Trigger but finally there was no real usecase for me so I put the tags away. After the upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop I read about […]

Symfony2 – playing with default locale

The Symfony2 documentation is quit good, but this morning I missed a explanation for using a default locale without url parameter together with routing and a routing configuration in annotations. What I wanted to do is the following url setup: -> default locale should be used without any prefix -> english translation should […]

Blog Wall from the Scrum Master Gathering

This year, at the Scrum Master Gathering, someone came up with the idea to add a flip chart and to let people write down some blogs and websites with useful informations around agile stuff. Thanks to @pherwarth the image is in Facebook and Xing now. I just created a list here with all the blogs and links […]

Validate yaml files in TYPO3.Flow via Jenkins

The possibility to validate yaml files in TYPO3.Flow by using a Schema file is a really nice feature. But to be honest, who is validating his configuration manually after each change he made? Exactly! No one. Putting this into Jenkins to be made in each build process is easy, but the problem is, that Jenkins […]

PHPStorm and Vagrant / Vagrantmanager

Last week I learned about Vagrantmanager to manage your available vagrant boxes on your system. Currently it is only running with MacOSX and what I really like about it, that you can easily see which boxes on your host system are currently running. I know about the vagrant feature in PHPStorm quite a time now, […]