Reach more people – write in English…

By | 19/05/2011

I think about translating my page to English since almost two years now and I just decided to start it right now. It will take some time until everything is translated and the blog for example, well I will never translate the old articles in English but I will write the new articles in English.

Another point about writing in English is, that I spend most of my time with TYPO3 and currently FLOW3 and I don’t want that the people interested in this topics come here and don’t understand what I am talking about.

I also thought about having this web page in two languages, but it is more than enough work to write all this stuff in one language and mostly all people I know speak English so one language is enough.

Some parts of the web page are already translated, some are missing. Please give me some time to finish this.

Greetings and keep on reading here.