FLOW3 – Getting Started part three and four

By | 24/05/2011

Just finished part three and four of the tutorial. After this parts I will continue with relations between models and how this is solved in the current trunk with annotations. To get there it is required that we have a second model and repository and some forms to add new elements to the database.

Part three – FLOW3/Fluid – Forms for adding objects

Part four – FLOW3 – adding a second model and repository

Have fun reading and programming. I hope you are enjoying the tutorial.

4 thoughts on “FLOW3 – Getting Started part three and four

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  2. Johannnes

    Wow, danke für das Tutorial, gerade nachgecodet.
    Müsste es nicht $this->redirect(‘list’); statt $this->redirect(‘listAction’); heissen?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hey Johannes,

      freut mich dass es dir gefällt. Das mit dem list und listAction hast du richtig erkannt. Habe es direkt geändert. Danke.


  3. Thomas Post author

    Jetzt hast du es geschafft mich durcheinander zu bringen. Es muss definitiv $this->redirect(‘list); heißen. Das Action wird NICHT mit rangehängt.


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