Another gallery plugin for TYPO3 ??

By | 24/07/2011

I started a while ago because I did not found a gallery plugin that fits my needs. So I started to implement one, based on the AD Gallery.

I just wrapped an extbase extension around the AD Gallery and added the lightbox feature.

Currently I implemented the gallery only on two pages of my website. This should demonstrate how it looks like with a single gallery and with a set of galleries.

Take a look and let me know if it is worth continuing the work and make it more configurable and write the documentation required for the upload to the TER. You can find the source code here:

I know there are more than enough gallery plugins available in the TER, so leave me a note if you think I should push this to the TER.

2 thoughts on “Another gallery plugin for TYPO3 ??

  1. Peter

    I haven’t ivestigated your extension closer, but have you taken a look at YAG? It’s not my extension but I’ve attended a workshop about this extension on T3DD11. It’s based on extbase as well.

  2. Thomas Post author

    I have discovered YAG some time ago (T3DD11), but my one was already almost finished until then so I decided to finish it.

    YAG looks really cool and I am sure I will try it soon.


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