Your ideas wanted: round 2

By | 13/08/2011

It is a while ago since I last worked on my Twitcode project. The main reason for that was, that there have been so much changes in FLOW3 and that I wanted to wait for beta1 for the next bigger update. After the release of alpha15, what is, as far as I know, pretty close to beta1, I decided to start working based on the current master.

Besides all the stuff that has to be done to bring Twitcode up and running again on the current master, I also want to have some more features in the next release.

This is where your ideas are wanted. Currently the next steps for me will be to add a comment function on each snippet and to add a user profile, where you can set some notification settings for comments on you snippets.

Another idea is to add some kind of bookmarks where you can save your most favorite snippets.

And now you!! Tell me your ideas. What would be a nice feature? Add your comments here or add them as an issue in github:

2 thoughts on “Your ideas wanted: round 2

  1. Daniel

    – What about some statistics below the code (tweets, clicks ..)
    – Or simple share widget to cross post to other social sides?
    – And widget functionality: simply paste a short js line and embed it somewere else to show the nice highlighted code…


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