Using the TYPO3/FLOW3 Coding Guidlines with PHPStorm and PHP_CodeSniffer (Windows)

By | 25/04/2012

With the new release of PHPStorm 4 there is a CodeSniffer integrated. Since for us TYPO3 developers it doesn’t make much sense to us another coding standard than our own, here a short how-to for the usage of the TYPO3 Coding Guidlines in PHPStorm.

First thing, you have to install PHP and PHP_CodeSniffer on your machine. I had trouble with the CodeSniffer after installing it in C:\Programs (X86) so after uninstalling everything and installing it in C:\PHP the CodeSniffer started to work. Before you enter something in your IDE, verify that your CodeSniffer works by running

The expected result should be:

Next thing is to install the guidelines for TYPO3. For that, clone the repository on to get the right standards:

Now copy the folders FLOW3, TYPO3, TYPO3v4 to (in my example):


Another option is to get the TYPO3 Standards from (Thx @ctrabold for the hint)

Open PHPStorm and go to the settings. Settings->Inspections

Select the path to the phpcs.bat file and click “Validate”. If everything works fine you should be able to select a Coding standard in the select box below.


If you work with TYPO3, select TYPO3v4, if you work with FLOW3, select the FLOW3 Standard. The TYPO3 folder contains the common Codesniffs.


TYPO3 Codesniffer page on forge:

PHP_CodeSniffer package on pear:

PHP Download for Windows:

PHP Codesniffer on forge:

And now: Have fun writing clean and good code 😉

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