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By | 15/10/2012

It is a long time since I worked on but finally, after some hard times with the data migration, is up and running again. This time it is not running on FLOW3 anymore, it is using TYPO3 Flow now 😉
Besides some bugfixes, the biggest new feature is the flattr support now. No, not all your money comes to me, but everyone who adds his flattr-id in his profile can be flattred now.

So, go ahead and earn some money by sharing some fancy code.

That is what you have to do:

Go to


Follow the screens.

Btw., there is still one stupid bug. OAuth is not working like expected and from time to time you have to login twice before it is working. Will be the first bug I will try to eliminate in the next release.

Have fun!! And if you like the project, feel free to click the flattr button on the homepage and keep me motivated.

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