Windows 8 – Apps have no internet access

By | 09/11/2012

Well yes, it is true, I just updated to Windows 8. Looks good so far but one problem I had for the last two days now is, that my Apps have no internet access. My browser and everything else was working just fine. Searching the internet did not result in success so I kept searching for some time now.

Finally, this morning I found something and it worked. All apps have internet access now. So this post is just for the people having the same trouble.

The problem can be, that your DNS Client is not running. To fix that do the following:

– run cmd.exe as administrator.
– run “service.msc”
– search for DNS Client
– Set the start type to “automatic”
– start the dns client.

Have fun using the your Apps.

The problem is also described in:


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