PHPUnit Setup in PHPStorm with local PHPUnit (composer)

By | 12/12/2012

After switching to Ubuntu for my PC I had a real clean setup. After starting the first TYPO3Flow project I wanted to run my UnitTests without installing PHPUnit on my system. With the support of composer you can easily add the PHPUnit libraries to your project in “dev”-context and this way you can make sure to run on the same PHPUnit version on all servers.

Adding PHPUnit to your setup is the easy part. But if you want to run this Unit Tests in PHPStorm, I faced the problem that the PHPUnit installation could not be found.

So, what you have to do is to tell your PHPStorm where to find the autoloader.php that includes all required stuff.

After searching for a while I found this on the bug tracker from Jetbrains:



If you work with TYPO3Flow, change the path to /foo/bar/myProject/Packages/Libraries/autoload.php and you are fine.

Hopefully I can save some time for someone out there.

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