Vagrant Setup for TYPO3 Flow

By | 04/01/2013

Since I started to work with TYPO3 Flow there are this moments where I require a clean installation of TYPO3 Flow to test something. For this reason I spent some of my free time during the holidays to setup a vagrant box that will provide that for me.

This box is also useful if you want to get some first experience with TYPO3 Flow and you don’t have a server environment where you can install it. Just install VirtualBox, Ruby, Rubygems and follow the instruction in the Readme file. The setup will take some time the first time (without download about 433 seconds) and the required base box (Quantal 64bit) will be downloaded automatically the first time. If everything worked you should be able to call http://typo3.flow and you should see the welcome screen from TYPO3 Flow.


I only tested it on Ubuntu, but normally it should work with Mac and Windows also. If there is something not working, feel free to contact me and I will try to help.

Happy New Year and happy cloning: