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By | 03/07/2013

During the TYPO3Flow Usergroup Rhein-Main yesterday someone showed me a nice feature in PHPStorm that I missed until now. Now that I know that this feature exists, I want to share it.

Until a short time ago I did all my git-stuff directly on the server, in my case on my vagrant box. I had to do the git pull, git commit, git push and so on on the vagrant box directly. That bad thing about this workflow was, that I had to download all changes to PHPStorm before I could continue working on this files. Some time ago I switched to use the git integration in PHPStorm which feels quite nice. The problem with the changed workflow then was, that whenever I did a git pull I had to upload all the changes to the vagrant box. For files you change in the editor, there was now problem, because they where uploaded automatically.

After we talked about the workflow yesterday, someone told me about this nice option that automatically detects changes in the complete project, even if the files are not open.

There are some useful things happening now. First of all, if I do a git pull now, all changes are uploaded to the vagrant box directly. The second thing is, if I use the file watch functions from PHPStorm like described in the previous post here, this changes are also detected and uploaded.

Go to the settings, deployment and then to options and check the checkbox for “Upload external changes” and you are fine.


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