SymfonyLive 2013 in Berlin

By | 11/11/2013


Finally after a great conference I am sitting in the train back home. I thought it might be a nice idea using the time to make a small review on the conference and on some of the talks.

First of all, the conference was very good organized. I liked the idea putting the session plan on the back of the batch, so that you can check on every session what is coming up.
The only thing that was not that well organized on the conference was the food. There have been the same options for lunch on Thursday and Friday and they could have had some more small snacks between the talks. But it could be worth 😉



The venue so was great. The conference was located in an old church, the “Auferstehungskirche” which had a really great ambiance.

The conference was starting with a 10 minutes welcome session and the “real” talks started right after. There have been a couple of talks about DevOps topics and Software quality. But I missed some more insights into Symfony, what was the initial reason for me going to the conference.

Fabien Potencier had a talk in the evening of the first day and after we heard a lot about PHP Quality Assurance tools like phploc, phpmd and phpdepend, “Fabien” made a presentation about SensioLabs Insights, what, as he told, looks more for the interesting errors and warnings in a project instead of numbers only. That means that the tool from SensioLabs looks more after trends instead of pure numbers, what is interesting, because you get a feeling if your code is getting better or worse. I could not resist and so I have thrown the TYPO3CMS and TYPO3Flow in this tool. As soon as I have some results for that I will publish them via Twitter. Two weeks of work left until we get the bronze medal in the TYPO3 Core. I didn’t looked into the warnings, so I have no idea if the result is worth taking a closer look.

The next morning started with another talk (I missed the first talk..) about Quality Assurance in PHP projects and Anthony Ferrara has a talent to wake up tired nerds. Was a great talk and it made a lot of fun listening. Hey explained most of the tools like phploc, phpmd and so on and also explained what are the interesting numbers and how to read them.

After another talk about DevOps topics, there was the talk from Dustin Whittle about a “Symfony performance checklist” and he explained some tools and how to measure the performance of your side. Also he show some examples what happens if a big company like amazon makes there website a litte bit faster. The new tool I have to try out is “Bees with machine guns”, just because the name is awesome.

The last part of the conference was a round of Jeopardy. As far as i understood it is a classic part on each Symfony Live conference.



Altogether I have to say that there has been not that much new for me, but like I already mentioned in one of my tweets during the conference, its is about the interesting new details and how you can use them to optimize, and not that much about the completely new.

Finally, I have to say that I will be there again next year. It was a great conference in a great place. (y)

Thanks to the organizer and all the speakers.


Some links:

The conference on with most of the slides online.
The location “Auferstehungskirche

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