Alternative image view for MacOS – Replacing preview with Xee3

By | 02/04/2014

Xee I really love my Mac, but if I want to take a look at a series of pictures, Preview is really not the best tool. So I looked around and tried different tools. One of them was Xee (Version 2) and another was Sequential. Both of them haven’t been as fluffy as I want them to be and the way of navigation through the pictures has not been like I expected it.

After fighting with Sequential for  some time now, I did another search and found out that there is a new version for Xee. Version 3 is exactly what I was looking for all the time.

The price: It is $3.99 and I really think it is worth every cent. Another good thing is, you have a trial for 30 days to check if it is the right tool for you.

Try it: Xee3

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