PHPStorm and Vagrant / Vagrantmanager

By | 19/05/2014

Last week I learned about Vagrantmanager to manage your available vagrant boxes on your system. Currently it is only running with MacOSX and what I really like about it, that you can easily see which boxes on your host system are currently running.

I know about the vagrant feature in PHPStorm quite a time now, but after it was released I just took a short look and the integration in PHPStorm wanted to generate a new vagrant project in the root of the project. I have strictly separated the projects I am working on and the vagrant setup, so it was not usable for me.

Today, I don’t know why, I just decided to check if there are some settings where I can add a different root for the vagrant stuff, and yes, it was there. So I configured the different root for the project and know I have all the features from Vagrantmanager directly in my IDE.

Here is how to set it up:

Vagrant settings

Just select the correct “Instance folder” where your vagrant files are located.

Vagrant control options

Now you should see all this nice features if you go to Tools->Vagrant

One bad thing is, that I can not see if the box is currently running or not. I still miss a status icon. Thats better in Vagrantmanager.

Best thing would be if the features of both could be combined!!!

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