Smart Lock with Android 5.0 Lollipop

By | 29/11/2014

When I got my Nexus 5 over a year ago I was looking forward to play a little bit with NFC Tags. I played around a little bit with Trigger but finally there was no real usecase for me so I put the tags away.

After the upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop I read about the SmartLock feature and I thought this could be quite useful, especially for my car. So I thought it would be nice, adding an NFC Tag to my car holder and as soon as the phone gets contact to the NFC Tag I don’t have to unlock my phone anymore.

So I tried that. The setup is quite easy. Just go to the settings of your phone, security and select the Smart Lock option there. Everything else is self explaining. After I did that I put the NFC Tag on my car holder.

NFC Tag on my car holder

After adding my phone to the car holder, it worked like a charm and there was no need to unlock my phone anymore. I think this is a good idea, because entering the pin code while driving is a bad idea.

Finally I turned on the car and started driving. Too bad that I have a car holder with induction that is automatically loading my phone when I put it in the car holder and turn on the car. The induction is, as far as I know, also working via NFC so what happened next was, that my NFC Tag stopped working. No I have to decide, automatic loading of the phone or using the Smart Lock feature.

Well, at least I can use the Smart Lock feature when I am at home and don’t have to unlock my phone at home anymore.

If there is anyone out there who has a good idea how I can make this work together, feel free and write me.

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