Speed-Up your Functional Tests with paratest

By | 04/12/2014

I am currently working on a Symfony2 project where we use quite some Functional Test to check for our quality. Bad thing about that is that the functional tests currently take about 13 minutes in our Jenkins build. This is too long. So a quick search for options for optimizing led me to Github to brianium/paratest. This is a composer ready package that can be installed together with your project.

The changes for running are quite easy. Instead of

now we call

The difference now is that we are down to 5 minutes, so the tests are 7 minutes faster.

One thing I don’t like, there are almost all arguments from PHPUnit implemented, but still some are missing, like passing php.ini arguments to the call.

Good thing, all the report generating arguments are there and they are quite important if you want to check your coverage and stuff in Jenkins.

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