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PHPStorm – Uploading external changes

During the TYPO3Flow Usergroup Rhein-Main yesterday someone showed me a nice feature in PHPStorm that I missed until now. Now that I know that this feature exists, I want to share it. Until a short time ago I did all my git-stuff directly on the server, in my case on my vagrant box. I had […]

Use the file watch function from PHPStorm on Mac OS X

This is a short tutorial how you can use the compass watch function that is new in PHPStorm, beginning with creating a gemset for compass and using this for PHPStorm. Create a new gemset using rvm [1] and install compass [2]

Open PHPStorm and select a scss file Now PHPStorm will ask if you […]

Vagrant Setup for TYPO3 Neos

One more. The differences are really not much. All I had to change is to change the git repository where I take the composer file from. The server setup is identically with the one form the TYPO3 Flow setup. If you want to check out TYPO3 Neos, boot up your VirtualBox and play around. I […]